Call for Abstract

Abstract submission is now Open for the 3rd ICSoLCA 2018, 1 April 2018 – 30 June 2018. Our theme for this year is “Life Cycle Assessment as A Metric to Achieve Sustainability”.

Abstract submissions shall include:

  1. title,
  2. the author’s name and its affiliates,
  3. the contents of the abstract which comprises 180-300 words.
  4. a maximum of 6 keywords
  5. a contact email the author (one of the authors should be included email, max 2 e-mail addresses are often used).

Please submit your abstract to our email ( or filling to Registration Form ICSoLCA 2018

We are pleased to invite authors to submit papers that are related to life cycle assessment and sustainability, addressing our 13 key topics includes our special topic on women and sustainability. Accepted papers will be published in an e-Proceeding and selected papers will be published in relevant journals, i.e:

1. Indonesian Journal on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability (IJoLCAS)

IJoLCAS (Indonesian Journal of Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability) is a peer-reviewed journal covering studies in the areas of LCA and closely related methods to assess sustainability. It aims to support global sustainable development with emphasize on the cases of Indonesia, Asia, and surrounding regions. LCA considers environmental impacts of goods and services over their lifetime, implying consideration over material extraction from the earth, conversion into products, distribution to customers, and final disposal to the environment. In its later development, LCA has expanded to cover social and economic aspects as well.

IJoLCAS accepts contributions on the following topics: life cycle assessment, life cycle inventory, life cycle impact assessment, life cycle sustainability assessment, social life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, environmental footprint, carbon footprint, water footprint, land footprint, chemical footprint, life cycle perspective/thinking/approach in environmental management system, life cycle engineering, input-output analysis, substance and material flow analysis, industrial ecology, and circular economy.

IJoLCAS has ISSN, it is intended to be an international journal to facilitate LCA research in Indonesia. The journal will be published bi-annually on January and July. IJoLCAS is indexed by Google Scholar and will be developed for other international indexers.

The society affiliation and publisher of IJoLCAS is ILCAN (Indonesian Life Cycle Assessment Network,, which secretariat are both at Research Center for Chemistry, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

More information about IJoLCAS is available at

IJoLCAS is indexec in Google Scholar:

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