Developing the capacity of science, building cooperation between communities in Indonesia and internationally, as well as being a forum for discussion and exchange of opinion for industry players, academics, and government, especially on how we can achieve Sustainable Development Goals using Life Cycle Assessment as a sustainability metrics.

Program Overview

  • Life cycle assessment, Life Cycle Inventory, Life Cycle Impact Assessment, Data and database
  • Life cycle perspective in environmental management system [SDG: #6, #9, #13]
  • Life cycle approach for technology and product development, innovation on renewable resources [SDG #9]
  • Life cycle management system on value chain, industrial ecology [SDG #12]
  • Circular economy for eradicating poverty, decent work and economic growth [SDG #1, #8, #10]
  • Innovation on energy and resource efficiency using life cycle approach [SDG #7, #12]
  • Sustainability reporting and labeling for businesses
  • Sustainability education [SDG #4]
  • Environmental footprint, carbon footprint, water footprint [SDG #6, #7, #13 & #15]
  • Sustainable marine life, infrastructure and stewardships [SDG #14]
  • Women and sustainability [SDG #5, #17]*

*) Special Topic

Important Dates

Term of Reference

You can download the Terms of Reference of The 3rd International Conference Series on Life Cycle Assessment
“Life Cycle Assessment as a Metric to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals”

File name: Terms of Reference-ICSoLCA_May 2018
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