The 3rd ICSoLCA 2018’s Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement is referred to Committee on Publication Ethics COPE’s Guidelines and Standards. Conformance to standards of ethical behavior is therefore expected of all parties involved: Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and the Publisher.

Misconduct such as fabrication, falsification or plagiarism, is taken seriously and will be investigated further. Sanctions will be applied if misconduct is proven.


  1. The Authors should declare that the manuscript is original and has not been submitted elsewhere with any language;
  2. The Authors should take responsibility for the research they have been done and for the results described in the paper;
  3. The list of authors should accurately reflect those involved in the work
  4. All Authors should aware about the requirements of this agreement and agree to be listed on the paper;
  5. The Author transfers the copyright of the paper to the Publisher and/or conference committee;
  6. The Author licenses to the Publisher the right to distribute the paper as a part conference proceeding or archive or any other issue managed by the conference committee;
  7. The Author has the rights to use the paper after publication, providing a proper acknowledgement to the source and to the Publisher.


  1. The Editors have responsibility for fair editorial processes and unbiased decisions;
  2. The Editors should maintain confidentiality of the manuscripts received;
  3. The Editors should evaluate the manuscripts, ensure its quality for publication including ensure that the reported information is integrated ethically, accurately and relevantly;
  4. The Editors should encourage correction or retraction of the publication, if errors are found;
  5. The Editors should use appropriate peer reviews to support in making editorial decisions, by selecting reviewers who expert in the relevant fields and avoiding those with conflict of interest;
  6. The Editors should give reviewers adequate information, especially what are expected from them and the editorial policies.


  1. The Reviewers should inform the Editors, if they are unable to perform the review and state the reasons.
  2. The Reviewers should conduct an objective review;
  3. The Reviewers should provide unbiased and constructive critics and/or comments to improve the work;
  4. The Reviewers should not disclose any information of the manuscripts to anyone other than the Editors, Corresponding Author and potential reviewers (Based on approval of the Editors, if the Reviewers are unable or need help to perform the review);